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About the Medical Clinic

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Providing you with the best doctors for the best care

Dr. Olivier DOURTHE


During my Medical training as Paris Hospitals Resident and my carreer, since 1993, through my clinical practice and a tight collaboration with research labs on biotech science, I have set up 3D softwares and hardwares solutions in sectors like MR scans, biological labworks and chronic diseases treatments with antiage revitalization Medicine.


In addition to my Health advisor practice in any sector, I give recommendations and back people looking for a top performing health with nutrition and sport through nutritional concepts like oxydative stress, pollutants, sugars and fats assimilation, trace elements and physical exercising.

I created new Wellness and healthy recipes concepts coworking with chiefs cook like Marc Veyrat and I have a high level of athlete practice and formation experience.


Specialisation : Neurosciences Master, M.D.



I am Doctor in Sports Medicine and have been involved for 20 years in high level sport diet and biology

I am the personal nutritionist of high level olympic and world top 10 athletes,

specialist in brain neurotransmitters optimisation, antioxidant

and energetic management.

I can answer to your questions:

What kind of food you should eat to get success in sport and job,

what kind of food you should avoid to live better and longer ?


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