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Best way to lose weight is to fight insulin resistance


Most diets are not going to change in depth your food and you will be gaining weight again soon and worse this is very DISAPPOINTING and leads you to no longer find a solution even this solution exists.


We, Wellmed for Life, take into account an anomaly of our body, witness of our civilization which is very special but must be solved to LOSE WEIGHT.
Hence finally you find your weight and your belly LIKE BEFORE:
this anomaly is called insulin resistance,

It is necessary to detect it and to treat it with OUR SPECIFIC REVITALIZATION METHODS and if you do not do in the right manner, you will not manage to override and lower your weight in a sustainable way!

We propose at Wellmed for Life to make the assessment to detect and specify the anomaly at the base of this famous insulin resistance and offer you a treatment adapted to you personally so that it works.

Again, if the treatments you were taking were not exactly what you needed in relation to the results of the analysis, it is very likely that it would not work! 

So it is absolutely necessary to have a PRECISE ADEQUATION with the appropriate treatment that will allow you to lose weight and at the same time to decrease the risk of poor physical fitness and various illnesses that are also related to insulin resistance.

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