Nowadays, serious or benign diseases,  health issues, pains or lack of athlete's performance are treated only when they started to cause damages.

Prevention is the cornerstone of the modern medicine, we cannot only consider diseases when they occur and then treat them, we must now predict them in order to stop the progression on time.

Here is the goal of WellMed For Life :


In order to evaluate your situation in the best way, we will allow you to get a total check-up of your health which is composed of the most relevant informations concerning personally your health. The cells aging or the fact that you get serious diseases are not linked only to a bad food or a mentally or physically difficult professional career. Therefore we must expand our field of analysis.

When we carefully examine a patient file, we will figure out that sometime if we analyse his lifestyle, his activities, his genetic material or moreover numerous other elements, we observe that certain diseases can be prevented and some cells aging anticipated.

Our experts can then propose you total medical check-ups and specific treatments based  on last generation technologies and practical medical advances which will allow you to take care of your health, to stay fit, to fight against skin aging and some health issues. All our WellMed For Life treatments are based on these cell dysfunctions/processes. 

Our WELLMED team makes you a specific Therapeutic Planning and follow-up proposal and also :



Then our WellMed For Life team will be able to act and propose you a treatment at the root of the problem that treats directly at the cell scale the enzymatic reactions using antioxydants, supplemental enzymatic facilitators often lacking in our body, eviction of pollutants : toxins, lead, mercury, etc.

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