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Sometimes your state of health can be silently changed without you noticing.

This underlying change in the general health condition, which is quite widespread in fact, could have played a decisive role in the Covid-19 epidemic.

We have seen that the serious complications of Coronavirus are intimately linked to a chemical "storm" produced inside our body (a storm which corresponds to an overproduction of cytokines which are chemicals produced by our body to defend against agressors in particular infections).

We realize that the pulmonary edema that causes death in the Covid-19 flu is mainly present in people who have this chemical "storm".

In general, this chemical "storm" is due to oxidative stress or an exaggerated immunity.

Thanks to our Wellmed For Life analyzes, we can detect all these products which are increased in the blood and which are harmful when they are in excess and we can also treat them with our personalized therapeutic Wellmed For Life solution.

These same abnormalities can also influence most of the diseases other than Covid-19 which are most often due to a problem of poor general condition which persists over time and finally turns into a symptomatic and advanced disease.

Dr Olivier Dourthe

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