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COVID -19 seen by Doctor DOURTHE

Updated: Apr 4, 2020

This virus which causes thousands of deaths to the point of being classified today as a planetary pandemic in the same way as the plague in 1720, cholera in 1820 and the Spanish flu in 1920.

What more can you say than you already know?

For the past few days, there has been a debate between scientists on Chloroquine and Hydroxychloroquine. These molecules studied by Dr. RAOULT in Marseille may have, according to Wellmed for Life, a positive positive antiviral effect if they are taken at the beginning of symptoms. Wellmed for Life thinks that pulmonary complications (admittedly rare but important because the cause of death) are based on an inflammatory reaction that our body produces in the lungs in reaction to the invasion of the virus and that it is proportional to our general state PRECEDING the infection and more precisely to another level of inflammation in the blood (oxidative stress).

Wellmed for Life's biological tests could screen patients with coronavirus virus who have a tendency to have excessive inflammatory reactions and therefore who could be treated with Wellmed for Life treatments to avoid these serious complications.

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